Life Members

Life Members have provided distinguished or special service to the Club. They are appointed under our constitution and are the foundation of our Clubs success, past and present.

R. Agnew

K. Aldridge

P. A.  Aldridge

B. K. Andrews

K. Broomham

J. Bulmer

W. M. Carroll

C. Duff

W. Eady

H. G. Foden

C. R. Fourro

H. C. Grew

T. A. Grew

R. Harris

C. Hirsch

H. J. Huston

Born in Campsie, NSW, Snow moved to Dubbo where his father managed a hotel.  He completed his education at Dubbo High before relocating with his family to Harbord.  Always disliking his given name ‘Hugh’,  he was forever thankful for having blonde curly locks as a youth which guaranteed the nick name, ‘Snow’.  After a long courtship, he married Bonnie Cannon in March, 1944 and upon discharge from the Air Force the following year they settled in North Curl Curl.  This remained his home for the rest of his life.

O. J. Kennedy

P. Metz

D. O`Brien

G. O’Brien

R. Saunderson

W. Spradley

K. Stoneman

M. J. Sullivan

R.  Swift

J. O. Wilson

Glenn Bruce

L. Bulmer

N. Coltman

J. R. Duff

J. P. Duff

W. Geoghegan

C. Hagon

A. Hudson

P. Kember

R. Lambert

N. Langthorne

K. Martin

D. Murray

J. Newton

R Porter

L. Saunderson

B. Smith

K. Smith

C. Stoneman

R. Watson

A. N. Wye

S. Wye