How You Can Help

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As Nippers is run purely by volunteers, we appreciate any help at any time. No experience is required for many roles. It is a great way to meet members of your community and we are pleased to provide extra skills development and support for parents who want to get involved.


Each Age Group is rostered on for beach setup and pack-up. When it’s your turn it’s announced on TeamApp.

Age Managers can always use another pair of hands on the beach. Don your Parent Volunteer Vest and help with sign-in and sign-out, keeping everyone together, carrying the age group flag and bucket and generally helping the Nippers feel supported.


Each age group requires a minimum ratio of 1 Age Manager to 20 nippers.

You don’t need any special skills! There will be an Age Manager training day the day before Nippers starts. It’ll cover theory and practical aspects so bring your swimmers (and a wetsuit as the water is still cool) and it’ll be conducted by our seasoned volunteers and trainers.

Why not consider sharing the load and doing it as a team of 2? Your kids will think you are a superhero and we can’t run the groups without you! email


The water safety ratio to junior members is 1:5.

No water safety = no water activity

Water safety helpers wear orange vests and each hold their Bronze Medallion. If you have your medallion, please make yourself known to your Age Manager or the Water Safety Supervisor. Rescue boat crew (IRB driver and crews) also required.  Please email if you want to join our team.

If you would be interested in getting your Bronze Medallion or qualifying as boat crew, please contact or come and see the Education Team on Registration Day. All information on the courses we run can be found in the Education Section of this website


Administration tasks (whatever you’re a whiz at, we need you!), registrar, team managers for sand (sprint, flags, first aid) and water (swim and board) teams. BBQs (feed the hungry troops). Let us know where you can help – email


Officials and carnival age managers, as well as water safety. Each club must supply one official for every 10 competitors at carnivals. Some carnivals we must also supply First Aid officers and IRB crews.

In a couple of hours, you can be trained as an official and get prime spots closest to your kids at carnivals. For more information about Carnivals, see HERE.


An extra pair of hands are always needed and welcomed by our coaches, as well as ensuring we have sufficient water safety coverage during Board and Swim training sessions.  Check in with the coaches at the start of the session.  No Water safety = No training.