Surf Sports

Surf Life Saving is about saving lives and also about testing skills and fitness. Surf sports competition offers members the chance to test them against the fastest lifesavers from around the world at various local, interstate, national and world carnivals. To compete, every athlete must have a minimum qualification of either a Surf Rescue Certificate (Juniors) or a Bronze Medallion and must meet the patrol hour requirements according to their membership category.

North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club offers a huge range of opportunities for members to get involved in surf sports, from nippers to masters, and training with qualified coaches is held several times a week. There is coaching to all levels of skill.

North Curl Curl has held a strong tradition in all aspects of surf sports including Surf boats, Board/Ski’s and beach events.

All our athletes have access to structured sessions through the year, comprised of:

  • Swim
  • Board
  • Ski
  • Surf skills
  • Ironman
  • Run
  • Sprint

In addition we offer education on drugs and alcohol, nutrition, and strength and conditioning programs.

The dedication shown by these young men and women is even more impressive given the majority of our competition group are students or have just commenced careers. All our competition group are also required to patrol North Curl Curl beach as lifesavers each summer, providing an enormous contribution to the community.

New members are always welcome to join the teams.

For information about training contact:

Brett Jeffrey, Director Surf Sports:


  • Liam Kelly – Senior Water Coach
  • Ollie Signorini – Nipper Water Coach
  • Sean Davis – Senior Water Coach
  • Glenn Slater – Seniors Water Coach
  • Jami Prowse – Nipper Water Coach
  • Kim Henderson – Nipper Water Coach
  • Mike Girven- Head Beach Coach