Register 2023-2024

North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club Registrations 2023/2024 season.


For your information and to save confusion  –

  • when you join, you become a member of Surf Life Saving Australia, and your chosen Club is North Curl Curl.
  • your membership will be accepted and completed at  North Curl Curl once your membership application has been reviewed and full payment has been made. We may contact you for further information if required.
  • your ongoing membership details and any updates are managed via your SLSA portal account. SLSA online resources are available here.

Please note  – when your SLSA membership has been submitted you will be notified, but you will not necessarily receive any information specific to North Curl Curl.

You will however begin to receive email communications from the Club as the season progresses and you should make yourselves familiar with the specific webpages available at 


Please review the sections below for further information or to Join or Renew.

If you need any further information on registration, please email the Club Registrar –

Please note –


Important – you MUST read the separate section below if you are using Active Kids vouchers for ANY Nipper in your family. Please note that we allow a maximum of 2 Active Kids vouchers per Nipper family due to our capped pricing.

Please Note –
  1. Active Kids vouchers cannot be redeemed after you have joined.
  2. Active Kids vouchers cannot be refunded – please familiarise yourself with the FAQ’s here.
  3. Maximum of 2 Active Kids Vouchers only can be used per Nipper (U6-U13 yrs) family
  4. Voucher used must be relevant to the listed member only & the system will prompt to use if there is a voucher available
  5. If joining or renewing a  Nipper family you must have –
    • at least 1 Nipper Adult joined or renewed
    • any 1 or 2 Nippers can use Active Kids vouchers –
    • NOTE –  if joining or renewing 3 or more Nippers and wanting to use Active kids
      • You can only redeem 2 vouchers per family
      • If for example you don’t want to use a voucher for 1st Nipper but you do for Nipper 3 + then you will need to select the $0 option for Nipper 1 and the 1st or 2nd Nipper option for Nipper 3 or more

Any questions email Julie Tassone  at


When you join or renew and are wanting to use Active Kids Vouchers for 1 or 2 Nippers (only 2 Active Kids vouchers per family)

  • if you are joining or renewing  2 Nippers, and you do not want to use an Active Kids voucher for 1 of the Nippers, do not add any AK details when prompted and proceed to next screen
  • if joining or renewing more then 2 Nippers you will be eligible for Nippers Family Cap –
    • you can only use 2 Active Kids vouchers maximum
    • you must have joined or renewed any 2 other Nippers for full $100 payment
    • you must have added 1 or 2 Adults for full payment $55 each
    • for the 3rd + Nippers you will not be charged but you must meet the criteria above.

Example – Nipper Families

  • Choose –
    1. Compulsory  Nipper Adult – $55
    2. 2nd Nipper Adult – $55(if applicable)
    3. 1st Nipper – MUST HAVE 1 Adult compulsory per family – Active Kids or $100
    4. 2nd Nipper – Active Kids or $100

If joining or renewing MORE THAN 2 Nippers – IMPORTANT

  • We cap family memberships where there are 3+ Nippers with 1-2 Adults
      • the system will automatically prompt for all Nippers to use Active Kids vouchers and you may want to use for eg Nippers 1 & 3 but not for Nipper 2
      • Therefore you should use –
        • $100 Option for 1st Nipper
        • $0 Option for 2nd Nipper
        • $100 Option for 3rd Nipper

Any questions email Julie Tassone

It’s great that you’d like to get involved in the surf lifesaving movement. Just follow the simple steps below.

  • An application for membership must be completed by every new member and all members
  • Under 18’s must be signed off by a parent or legal guardian
  • Nippers aged U6 – U13 must have at least one parent/guardian join as part of their membership.
  • Memberships will not be processed until payment is made
  1.  Join the Club here  and follow the process
    • Join “Surf Life Saving Club” and club to join is  ‘North Curl Curl SLSC’
    • If adding a Family (this should be selected for all new Nipper families joining), Select “My Family” under the “I want to join” field and add an Adult as the first member, and then subsequent members
    • When prompted for payment type – do not use any of the family grouping options if you want to use Active Kids vouchers – use the individual payment types.
  2. Make  Payment. Any eligible members will be prompted for Active Kids voucher details during this process.
  3. Verify ID – all new members must provide proof of ID for SLSA insurance compliance – click here to complete our secure ID form to finalise the registration process.

Our registrar will complete your application and be in touch if you need to provide anything further to proceed with your application.

Existing Membership renewals are completed online via the SLSA Members Area

  • All members under the age of 18 can only be renewed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Existing families should be linked with a Family Group – if this needs to be verified or changed please contact
  • Please note – Family Groups are cosmetic only. Should a member require their own SLSA account for education (eg for SRC), you do not need to leave the Family Group. Please see the Family Groups section below.
  1. Log into the Members Area to access your SLSA portal account. If you have forgotten your password select “Forgotten Username or Password” and follow the prompts to have it re-sent to you.
  2. On the Members Area Home Page you will be prompted to renew your family or individual membership
  3. Select the check boxes next to the names of the members that will be renewing their membership and click ‘submit’.
  4. Review the membership declaration as prompted and submit & Make Payment. Memberships will not be processed until payment is made.
  • Online help can be found here! See 4.1!

All Financial members are covered by SLSNSW Insurance and iCare (formerly WorkCover).

I am an existing member but don’t have a Members Area Account yet?

  1. Visit the SLSA Members Area to create your account. Online help can be found here!
  2. Enter your details. These records must match our database records. Click the Next button.  If you receive an error message “The information you have entered does not match any records in the system” contact our Registrar for verification of your record –
  3. Create your unique Log In Name and Password.
  4. Enter the authentication # sent to your mobile or email and click Next.

Online help can be found here! See 4.2!

Linking all family members together as a Family Group via the Members’ Portal enables you to easily manage all family member information and membership renewals. Exisiting members should already have a family group which you can edit, or you can add a new family member – Memberships/Family.

PLEASE NOTE – any members of a Family Group  who are required to access the education/learning modules SHOULD NOT  leave the Family Group. Those members just need to create their own user account to link to their current membership here. Please email the Registrar if you require further guidance.

If you are transferring to North Curl Curl SLSC from another Surf Life Saving Club you must request a transfer via the Members Area. Your transfer to North Curl Curl will need to be approved and all transfers to our Club are at the Boards discretion.

To instigate a Transfer to North Curl Curl –

  1. Login to the Members Area and select “Memberships”, then “Renewals, Payments & Transfers”, then “Join/Transfer to a new organisation”
  2. Select “I want to join a surf club, or transfer to a different surf club”
  3. Select the Organisation :
    • State = Surf Life Saving NSW
    • Branch = Sydney Northern Beaches Branch
    • Club/Organisation = North Curl Curl
  4.  You must then choose from the 3 options –
    • Full transfer – You completely leave your current club
    • Competition rights transfer – Keep your membership at your current club(s) but move your competition rights to the new club. You will then have dual membership, however you will need to pay membership fees at both individual clubs.
    • Non-competition rights transfer – this allows you to Join another club, while keeping your membership and your competition rights at your current club. You will then have dual membership, however you will need to pay membership fees at both (or all) individual clubs. You can be a member at any number of surf clubs.
  5. Update your personal details, in particular your email address, home address and mobile phone number.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the appropriate declarations. Please enter your reason for transfer and submit your request.

IMPORTANT NEXT STEP:  please email with the reason you are wanting to transfer to NCC and for details in regard to payment to finalise your membership.

Transfers between clubs need to be Endorsed by the Club a member is leaving, Approved by the leaving members Branch, and Completed by North Curl Curl.  This process is not instantaneous. To follow the status of your membership transfer, contact the Registrar of the Club you are leaving or the North Curl Curl Club Registrar

For membership purposes, ages are determined at midnight 30 September.  Our membership  categories are:

  • Active Senior (18yrs plus): Age 18 or over active surf lifesavers (either are a lifesaver or have decided to train to become one).  Members must have a proficient bronze medallion and do patrols.
  • Active (15 – 18yrs): Active life savers but under 18.  Members must have a proficient bronze medallion and perform patrols.
  • Cadet (Under 15): These members gain their Surf Rescue Certificate to allow them to become a Cadet Lifesaver and perform patrols. They then train to  become fully qualified surf lifesavers when they turn 15.  There is no need for a parent to register.   Members who are Under 14 need to register as Nippers.
  • Active Reserve: These members have satisfactorily patrolled for over 8 years consecutively, or 10 years (broken) and as such, are only required to do a minimum number of patrols each season.
  • Long Service: These members have undertaken a total of 10 years satisfactory full patrolling (or 8 years of full patrols and 4 years Reserve Active patrols and are no longer required to do patrols (but are welcome to continue patrolling).
  • Life Member: A special prestigious category of membership reserved for those who are honored in recognition of many years of ongoing commitment to the Club. Nominees for this category are discussed and voted on at the Club’s Annual General Meeting

In relation to membership restriction the following shall apply: –

  • A non-financial, suspended, excluded or expelled member of a club shall not knowingly apply to join another Affiliated Club nor shall a club knowingly admit, accept or retain in membership any past or present member of any other club who is indebted to in any way, or is currently suspended or expelled from any club.A club shall immediately provide the relevant State Centre the names and addresses of members who have had their membership cancelled or suspended and such information, including the period of suspension/cancellation of membership shall be set out in a register provided for that purpose.
  • Should a member of more than one club be suspended or expelled by any club they shall not be allowed to compete in competition for any other club of which they are a member or in any other club competition or in any other SLSA competition, while under suspension or expulsion.
  • Any dispute/s shall be referred to the relevant State Centre.

If you have any questions regarding registrations please email the Club Registrar –

Need Help?

For SLS help and guidelines please see the following pages

Membership Fees 2023/24

Please note that all registered Nippers (aged U6 to U13) must have one parent who is a registered member of the club.

For Nippers, if you are wanting to utilise your Active Kids vouchers then you will need to use the individual member options rather than the groupings. Please note – maximum of 2 Active Kids vouchers per family

1 Nipper & 1 Adult Membership


1 Nipper & 2 Adults Membership


2 Nippers & 1 Adult Membership


2 or more Nippers and up to 2 Parents Membership (capped membership)


Nipper Adult


Individual Nipper


Cadet Membership (13-15yrs)


Active Junior Membership (15-18yrs)


Senior Active Membership


Active Reserve Membership


Long Service Membership


Associate Membership


Pensioner Membership


Probationary Training Membership


National Patrol Award Member on current rostered patrol(10+yrs patrol)


100% Patrol (2022-2023) on current rostered patrol


2023/2024 All other rostered patrol members (pay pre 31 October 2023). Will be $75 from 1 Nov onward.