Aqua Culture 2km Ocean Swim


The Aqua Culture 2km Ocean Swim is a ocean swim through the break at North Curl Curl, around a turn buoy and across to South Curl Curl and return finishing back at North Curl Curl.



Approximately 1,600m (one mile)  – North Curl Curl Beach to South Curl Curl Beach

Intended Course may change to suit race day conditions

Commencing in northern corner of North Curl Curl Beach, swimmers start on the sand then wade/swim 150m to
1​st​ marker buoy where they make a right hand turn and commence the swim to South Curl Curl.

Swimmers swim to South Curl Curl on the shore side of marker buoys.

After approx 500m swimmers will pass half way marker buoy and continue to proceed to final buoy anchored 150m off South Curl Curl Beach in front of the surf club.

Swimmers then round marker buoy and swim 25m out to sea they then make a left hand turn and commencing the swim back to North Curl Curl.

At the North Curl Curl marker buoy swimmers turn left and return to shore and then cross the finishing line in front of the surf club.

Approx swim time – 25 min to 75 min

Should surf conditions be unsafe for any swimming, the race will be postponed until conditions are deemed safe or the event will be cancelled.