Water Training

Participation in training and competition is an opportunity to support an active and healthy  lifestyle. We aim to help our club members develop foundation movement skills, important life skills and create a passion for surf sports and the great outdoors.


As part of your membership, there is a free introductory board paddling and water skills course for U9+. This takes place before Nippers on Sundays at 8.30am for 6 weeks. This course is optional. Parents or carers must be present for this session.

Turn up on the day and learn the basics of Water Training :

  • Board Paddling Skills (boards provided on the day)
  • Swim (Surf) Skills
  • Beach Skills when the surf conditions are unfavourable

Anyone undertaking this course must have completed their Preliminary Swim Evaluation. See above ‘Sunday Nippers’ section for more information.

Don’t forget to bring your pink or green hi-vis rash vest (no vest then no entering the water), NCC Nippers cap, wetsuit (the warmer the better) and goggles. See you there!

If your U9+ child enjoys this initial course, there are additional sessions they can join . Information can be found here


If a child has satisfied the trainers that they are competent with the surf, they can join the Yellow (beginner), Lime (intermediate) or Green (advanced) Squads.

A small fee will be required for Yellow Squad and a higher fee for Green Squad training. Competition Evaluation must be passed to undertake this training.

What to bring: Pink or green hi-vis rash vest and goggles, and a board if you have one. Please note: No vest then no entering the water

When conditions are unsuitable for training at North Curl Curl any change in venue will be communicated via the facebook group called NCC Surf Sports Competitors Family Page


Water activities don’t run without water safety. If you have a current Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion, you can assist with water safety.

We always appreciate assistance! Please talk to the coaches; even if you can’t swim, you can still help. Parents/ Carers must stay for the duration of the session.

Board Hire

BOARD HIRE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO HAVE BOTH PAID FOR AND ATTEND GREEN SQUAD TRAINING. For normal Sunday Nippers boards are available on the day for free. These are to be cleaned and returned to board room at 11:00am.

How to hire a board:

  • Initially available to those who are actively participating in the Competition Training squad.
  • See Team App “News” for Board Hire details or email Junior Board Hire (jac-board-hire@nccslsc.com.au)
  • Board repair. Please note that all damage or loss is to be paid for by the hirer. There are no Club-paid repairs other than circumstances noted in the hire agreement. If a board is damaged, rinse with fresh water and have repaired ASAP.
    • U9-U10 Foam Board – Contact Surf Sports Admin (jac-sports-admin@nccslsc.com.au) who will repair.
    • U11-U14 Fibreglass – DO NOT put wax or other sealant on the ding.
    • Kracka Boards to be repaired at Sydney Ski Repair, Unit 6, 8A Prosperity Parade, Warriewood.  Contact Ben Dibley on 0400 851345.

Nipper Board Stickers


For general use on Nipper Sunday and for training where a Nipper has not hired a board. At the end of Nippers EVERYONE is responsible for returning all YELLOW STICKER nipper boards CLEAN of sand to the Nipper board room.


Not to be removed from the nipper board room except by authorized personnel.


Has been hired by a carnival competitor. Only for use by the board hirer (owner) whose name is on the sticker.