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Becoming a Trainer

If you have experience in education or training, or are keen to pass on your knowledge of lifesaving and become a qualified trainer, we’d love you to join our dedicated team of volunteer trainers.

Surf Life Saving has three key roles for volunteers involved in member training:

  • Trainers teach the skills and knowledge of our courses but do not make assessment decisions.
  • Assessors are responsible for assessing candidates once they have the skills and knowledge required, but cannot train and assess the same candidates.
  • Facilitators are able to train and assess the same candidates for any one course.

There are pathways for qualification in all the above within Surf Life Saving offering nationally recognised qualifications in training and assessment.

If you’re interested in getting involved in training at North Curl Curl SLSC, contact our Chief Instructor at education@nccslsc.com

Our Club Facilitators, Assessors and Trainers


Clare Hagon

Facilitator, Assessor, Bronze trainer, ARTC, Spinal, Provide 1st Aid,  Deputy director of Education, Branch Mentor, Technical official, Assessor in Charge (Branch)

Gary Beauchamp

Facilitator, Assessor


Phillip Godbee

Assessor, Bronze Trainer, ARTC, Senior 1st Aid.

Steve ‘Spider ‘ Atkins

Bronze and IRB Assessor, Bronze Trainer, ARTC, Senior 1st Aid, IRB Driver and Branch Outstanding Service

Ray Merton

Bronze and IRB Assessor, Bronze and IRB Trainer, ARTC, Senior 1st Aid, IRB driver/crew, Silver Medallion Beach Management, Patrol Captain, SLS UAV Pilot, Masters Competitor


Alex (Wiz) Wye

BM, ARTC, Senior 1st Aid, SLS trainer SRC, Silver Medallion Beach Management, Spinal Management; Director of Surf Lifesaving

Natasha Spencer

BM, ARTC, Senior 1st Aid, SLS trainer; Director of Education and CTO

David Jones

ARTC, BM, Senior 1st Aid, SLS trainer & competitor

Sophie Douneen

BM (probationary trainer)

Kaitlyn Smith


Michael Jones

BM, ARTC, Bronze Trainer

Anna Silva

Bronze Trainer

Ben Hickey

Bronze Trainer, BM, ARTC

Greg Stretton

Sam Heaton

Bronze Trainer (probationary), BM, Senior 1st Aid, IRB Crew, Probationary Trainer


Sarah Wanden

Bronze Trainer

Alan Wainwright

Bronze Trainer (probationary), BM, ARTC, Spinal Management, Senior First Aid, SM Beach Management, SM IRB Driver, IRB Crew


David Young

IRB Trainer

Justin Callard

IRB Trainer (probationary)

Nick Hatch

Bronze Trainer, IRB Trainer