What is Nippers?

NIPPERS 2022/23

Getting prepared… there is a lot of information, it is worth the read, it is everything you need to know!!

How do I sign up for Nippers?
If you are  a member of North Curl Curl SLSC, all children aged 5 up to U14’s are automatically enrolled in the Nippers program.  Registration Information here. 

Be kept up to date!  Make sure you join the below apps and social media.  Sorry so many options, Team App is the main calendar, but the others all have their purpose too!

    1. TeamApp page This is where you will find event dates, times, locations and important last minute updates (such as Sunday Nippers has been cancelled or water activities are off due to water conditions and/or lagoon is open).  Go to TeamApp now or info on how to download TeamApp.
    2. Nippers Facebook page for pictures and updates!   Join now  https://www.facebook.com/groups/northcurlcurlnippers/
    3. Join your WhatsApp age group chats, a place to ask questions and more!
    4. Last thing, if you are planning to attend carnivals and additional beach & water mid-week training, you will need to join the Facebook NCC Surf Sports Competitors Family Page .  This is where training times and locations are updated, carnival entry information.

Nippers is underway, but don’t worry we go all the way through to March! 

Go to the TeamApp Calendar  for all events, to get you started!

  1. If you are a financial registered member of NCCSLSC, all you need to do is turn up! If not a member registration Information here.

    U6 & 7s will start at 9am and the rest, U8+ start at 9.30am.
  2. If your name is not on the sign in sheet there could be two reasons, your registration is not complete, please check email trails and contact registrar@nccslsc.com.au if you can see an 22/23 email or register here.Or you may be looking at a different age group.  It is OK to participate with friends in a different group, but you need to let us know, see your Age Boss (yellow shirt) or see me in the HQ Tent.There should be no reason to write your name down on a list on a Sunday!
  3. See you on the beach Sunday morning, meet us at your age group flag.    Any questions come and see me under the HQ tent on the beach.
  4. What to bring to Nippers
    • all age groups Nipper cap
    • U8+ you need your pink hi-vis vest or the club hi-vis green rashie (you don’t need to wear both at the same time!)
    • Wetsuit if you have one, the water is still a little cool in October and usually cold nippers are not happy nippers.  The U6 will have splash and play water activities (up to about knees) but spend most of the time on the sand. U7’s will end up a little deeper around the waist.
    • Pack a water bottle, sunscreen, goggles, rashie and a towel.
  5. Intro-Board Training is also on starting the 16th!
    STRICTLY 9+ 
    More info here 
    Turn up at 8.15am, grab a board and meet us on the beach.
    You must be pool proficient at a minimum for the 1:5 water safety requirement.    If not proficient you need permission and 1:1 with a parent in the water with you.This takes place at 8:15am to 9:15am each Sunday for the first 6 weeks of the season before the Nippers session and is free.
    U09+ are introduced to board and surf skills.  BRING A WETSUIT AND HI VIS VEST.
    Parents must be present and able to help out either in the water or marshalling on the sand.
    **Each week check Team App in case of changes. Weather or other events may impact if we can run the session

 FAQs – more answers to all your questions! 

For all the information you need on the season, please check out dropdown Nipper Menu on this website for the following sections:

If we have not answered your question, drop me an email to nippers@nccslsc.com.au