Nipper News – 11th October 2023

Welcome to another exciting new season at North Curly!

The sand is back in Kiddies Corner, the banks are in place and we have plenty of beach for our land-based activities – all is set for a bumper season! With less than a week to go until our first Sunday session, here is all you need to know.

Don’t forget to complete your online registration if you haven’t already done so
Registration is required before your child can participate. All the information you need is on our website. Our Club Registrar will be on hand on Sunday to help resolve any problems.

Saturday 14th October, 1pm to 3pm – Preliminary Swim Evaluation
To ensure we have the appropriate water safety arrangements in place we need to understand each Nipper’s level of proficiency in the water. All U8s, U9s and any children new to the Club or Nippers (exc U6s or U7s) are required to undertake a Preliminary Swim Evaluation. We will be running an evaluation session at Aqua Culture Swim, Brookvale, a brand new purpose-built swimming facility in Brookvale this Saturday (14 Oct) from 1pm to 3pm. Please make every effort to attend this Saturday’s session so that we can have as smooth a start as possible this Sunday (if you are unable to make it this weekend we will be running another session at the same time and place on 21 Oct).

Our partners at Aqua Culture Swim have surf swimming embedded in their DNA and offer swimming lessons and squads for all ages and abilities. Representatives from Aqua Culture will be available during the evaluation sessions to answer questions about their programs and discuss how they can elevate your child’s swimming

Sunday 15th October, 9am/ 9:30am – Sunday Nippers program kick-off
Look for your age group banner on the sand in front of the club house, get your name marked off, then pop on your cap and you’re ready to go.  Caps are compulsory; they help us manage the kids effectively.

Under 6s

  • 9am start
  • Wear a yellow cap – it’s helpful to write your child’s name on the side of their cap
  • Hi-Vis Rash Shirt optional
  • U6s will have a splash up to about knees but spend most of the time on the sand. But you’re welcome to wear wetsuits if you have one
  • Pack a water bottle, sunscreen and a towel

Under 7s

  • 9am start
  • Continue to wear their green caps this season – it’s helpful to write your child’s name on the side of their cap
  • Hi-Vis Rash Shirt optional
  • U7s will end up in water around the waist height. So, bring a wetsuit if you have one – though they are optional
  • Pack a water bottle, sunscreen and a towel

Under 8s and above

  • 9.30am start time
  • Wear the club cap (yellow with two green stripes down the middle) – it’s helpful to write your child’s name on the side of their cap
  • Hi-Vis club rash tops (either pink or green) are mandatory
  • Wetsuits are a good idea as the water is still on the cool side – optional
  • Pack a water bottle, sunscreen, goggles and a towel

Remember to join your age group WhatsApp group if you haven’t already done so, to keep across any beach conditions or beach closures on the morning of Nippers. See your Age Manager or Age Boss (coloured long sleeve shirts) to join the WhatsApp group.

Switching Age Groups
As Nippers progress through the years, they will compete within age groups. It’s for this reason we recommend for kids to stay in their age groups, so they build friendships within their group.

We want our Nippers to enjoy themselves, so we understand sometimes that means shifting age groups. If this is the case, please check-in via the correct age group (the age group automatically allocated by the SLSA registration program) on the first day of Nippers, and let the team know that you would like to shift age groups. Then, in week two and beyond, check-in will be with the desired age group, providing the child has passed the relevant swim proficiency evaluation for the desired age group.

Please let the team know on Saturday at the Swim Proficiency Evaluation, if your child is shifting age groups so they can be evaluated on the correct swim proficiency level.

Get Volunteering!
Wonderful volunteers help run our Sunday Nipper sessions and Club activities, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the Nipper program. The kids love having their parents’ involvement, and it is a great way to meet other families. Please get in touch with your Age Manager through the whatsapp groups to find out how you can help. Even if you can come a little early to help set up. Help with the BBQ for an hour slot, or stay a little later to help pack up, it’s all appreciated. It takes a village!
We can’t wait to get the season kicked off, so see you on the beach for some fun….hopefully in the sun!

Intro to Board Program and BBQ
The first Nippers weekend can be hectic with lots of new faces, uniforms to be picked up and new routines to embed. With this in mind, the perennial crowd favourites Intro to Board and the Nippers BBQ will commence from Week 2.

Regards, Nick

NB: The Intro to Boards Course for U9s will commence in week 2 on Sunday 22nd Oct @8:30am